Position: Data Coordinator

Date Posted: 2/6/2023

Reports To: Executive Director

Primary Purpose:

Coordinates the district’s use of student software for scheduling, grade reporting, testing and student attendance for the district. Responsible for the preparation and submission of state and federal reports (MSIS and special education) and for electronic storage and records retention for district. Perform other tasks and jobs assigned.



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Special Knowledge/Skills:

  • Knowledge in all aspects of computer operations including data entry, editing and the ability to identify computer program errors through reviewing data and reports

  • Ability to analyze complex information

  • Ability to meet established deadlines

  • Ability to work effectively with others

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Information Technology

  1. Assist in establishing campus requirements and interpreting local, state and federal requirements for student information collection.
  2. Evaluates student information system programs for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  3. Coordinates and manages activity associated with student attendance for the district and with requests for permanent records.
  4. Provides leadership and staff training for MSIS reporting.
  5. Design reports and data dashboards for principal based on specific instructional or departmental needs
  6. Provide professional development and training for staff to achieve and maintain quality data systems that include consistent data collection in compliance with campus and state standards.
  7. Provide and facilitate data mining, decision-support services, and reporting for instructional and operational personnel.
  8. Prepare third-party data request as required.
  9. Participate in professional development to improve skills related to job assignment.


Technology Support  and Software Integration

  1. Provides technology for student test data.
  2. Knowledge of information systems and operations management
  3. Knowledge of computer network, hardware, and software applications
  4. Develop documentation of technology processes and procedures
  5. Oversee support for technology which includes, but is not limited to, the evaluation, installation, maintenance, and upgrading of technology devices and systems.
  6. Stay abreast of emerging technologies
  7. Work with departmental and district personnel on special projects and events.
  8. Possess high technology skills and decision making ability in situations related to these skills and serve as a resource person for the school.
  9. Contribute to decisions on technology policies and technical standards
  10. Demonstrate a commitment of continuous improvement of leadership and technology skills and knowledge.
  11. Other duties as assigned. 
  12. Stay abreast of emerging technologies.

Supervisory Responsibilities



Maintain emotional control under stress. Frequent standing, stooping, bending, kneeling, pushing, and pulling. Move small stacks of textbooks, media equipment, desks, and other classroom or adaptive equipment. May be required to lift and position students with physical disabilities; control behavior through physical restraint; and assist non ambulatory students. Exposure to biological hazards.

NOTE: The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job
and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, or skills that may be required.

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