Position: Chief Financial Officer

Date Posted: 11/30/2022

Reports To:       Executive Director

Salary Range: $75,00-$85,000

Primary Purpose:

Provide managerial direction and coordination under board policy guidelines to key financial functions such
as budgeting, internal auditing and controls, and financial reporting. Perform general accounting work
relating to the preparation, administration, and control of the district financial resources. Provide
compilation of data to prepare budgets and to justify fund expenditures.
Provide oversight for the
submission of data about teachers, administrators, students, and school board members by the data
Perform other tasks and jobs assigned by Executive Director.



Bachelor’s degree from accredited university,
Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance-related field.
Masters preferred.

Special Knowledge/Skills:

  • Advanced technical knowledge of school finance, budgeting and accounting systems
  • Fiscal accountability to assure public funds are used legally and efficiently to support the vision and
    mission of the school.
  •  Excellent computer and data processing knowledge and skills for tracking financial information,
    including spreadsheets and databases, and ability to manipulate data to accurately report for state
    and federal compliance
  • Ability to successfully interact with students, professional employees, parents, and district patrons.
  • Effective interpersonal, verbal and writing skills
  • Ability to maintain emotional control under stress
  • Knowledge of governmental accounting and auditing principles
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate accounting problems, develop data, and recommend improved
  • Knowledge of computerized accounting systems
  • Ability to work with numbers in an accurate and rapid manner


At least 3-5 years job related experience; and three years in a supervisory capacity preferred.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensure that financial operations of the school district are supportive of the instructional goals of the
    district and the attainment of the campus performance objective (academic excellence indicators)
  • Provide for effective communication with staff, community and media, if needed
  • Work with district personnel in projecting building and facility needs, energy needs, capital
    equipment needs and other cost items for district and individual school improvements
  • Plan and conduct needs assessments for growth and improvement of the district business
    operations 5. Define job descriptions and job performance expectations of subordinate staff,
    evaluate job performance, conduct conferences, training sessions and/or improvement plans to
    ensure the best operation of the business area
  • Effectively develop staff and make sound recommendations relative to personnel evaluation,
    placement, transfer, retention and dismissal
  • Effectively lead, direct and manage operations including accounting, internal auditing and controls,
    financial reporting, accounts receivable and payable, capital improvement management/planning,
    and non-instructional data processing.
  • Plan, direct and implement an internal audit program to ensure compliance with accountability
    standards, laws, regulations, policies
  • Examine the effectiveness of the district’s system of internal control
  • Review departmental records, reports, documentation, and operating procedures to ensure
    compliance with federal and state law
  • Prepare, enter, and record disbursement of district funds.
  • Supervise the bid process
  • Create/revise written accounting procedures.

Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Work cooperatively with department staff on hiring procedures and see that all requirements are
  • Ensure that the employee handbook is updated annually and distributed.
  • Assist in the preparation and development of the salary schedules each year to ensure they are
    updated and correct.
  • Prepare periodic reports for the Executive Director regarding vacancies, turnover of personnel.
  • Oversee the maintenance of personnel files for all staff.
  • Conduct routine salary surveys and market pricing as needed to monitor the competitiveness of
  • certifications
  • Prepare, review, and revise business department job descriptions.
  • Develop training options and/or improvement plans to ensure exemplary business operations.

Data and Technology Responsibilities:

  • Devise, develop, implement, and maintain systems of internal controls, proper licensing
    and system upgrades
  • MSIS provides for the electronic collection and storage of comprehensive detailed data about
    teachers, administrators, students, and school board members.
  • MSIS also allows for the electronic transfer of student records from one school district to
    another, thus offering a unique student tracking system.
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting of education data (schedules, attendance, grades,
    transportation, discipline, Vocational, and Special Education) to meet state and federal

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Data Coordinator

Professional Duties and Obligations:

  • Collaborate with other personnel in a collegial and supportive manner
  • Demonstrate ethics and integrity in all actions and duties
  • Display proficient levels of technology applications
  • Utilize time wisely for effective management of job responsibilities
  • Maintain punctuality in daily work times, appointments and meetings
  • Meet task completion deadlines established by the supervisor
  • Maintain a positive and professional tone in all communications
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Perform other duties and accept other responsibilities as assigned.

Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors:

  • Demonstrate flexibility in adapting to change
  • Adapt to changes in deadlines and changes in the nature of assignments
  • Show initiative in seeking solutions to problems
  • Work well with other individuals and departments
  • Create an environment of trust
  • Project enthusiasms and energy in all efforts
  • Exhibit honesty and objectivity in professional interactions
  • Demonstrate considerable poise in all situations
  • Project credibility with students, staff and community

NOTE: The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job
and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, or skills that may be required.